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About Non Profit Accounting

Running a company, a normal profit stream, and dreams of effecting change in the world requires a deft accounting hand in order to accomplish these goals. In addition to all of the basic fund management skills that every accountant needs, an accountant for a non-profit has to be prepared with extra knowledge and a few tricks in order to keep the finances running smoothly.
Non-Profit IRS Basics
The largest difference …

Retirement vs Estate Planning

Estate planning for secure retirement is essentially, particularly for business owners. We can help you navigate the tax accounting challenges, in order to protect your family and employees from excessive government regulation.

Here’s a few important areas to focus on when planning your retirement transition :

1. Write A Will – Clearly define which family members get specific assets. If your circumstances are at all complex, you’ll need a lawyer, who will …

Payroll Automation

Payroll accounting and human resources are time consuming, paperwork intensive administrative jobs that are often better outsourced. Today’s constantly changing federal and state regulations are exhausting. Since 1982, Powers & Associates has served local Nashville, Tennessee business owners, as their trusted accounting, payroll and tax service.¬†Questions Call Us (615) 320-5484

Checkout the video below for tips on automating your QuickBooks payroll system :

Certified Accountants can better …

Accounting for Remote Workers

Remote workers afford many benefits to your local Tennessee company, particularly the tax benefits and overhead cost savings. But mobile employees that work primarily outside the office, may also present additional management challenges. Therefore, we recommend setting up an easy to use communications plan using email, cloud file storage and smartphone text message strategies. Create a secure cloud network for sensitive materials and document files.

Setup a Dropbox, …