Accounting for Remote Workers

Accounting for Remote Workers

Remote workers afford many benefits to your local Tennessee company, particularly the tax benefits and overhead cost savings. But mobile employees that work primarily outside the office, may also present additional management challenges. Therefore, we recommend setting up an easy to use communications plan using email, cloud file storage and smartphone text message strategies. Create a secure cloud network for sensitive materials and document files.

Setup a Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive online platform to share and collaborate on work projects and employee payroll matters. Implement routine check-in metrics, that verify tasks are being accomplished in a productivity and timely manner. Keep an open door, policy which enables telecommuters to suggest improvements. Microsoft 365 Office provides QuickBooks integration for a comprehensive online business accounting solution. Checkout the Office 365 video tutorial … Questions Contact Us (615) 320-5484.

Understanding employees’ and job candidates’ motivation

Some of your employees and future hires will be particularly keen to work remotely. Each person’s reasons are different, but the common themes include:

  • Flexibility — the option to work remotely from time to time is appealing even to people who generally prefer working in-house. We encourage Nashville, Tennessee companies to offer 50/50 week, in-office / remote.
  • No travel — saving travel costs and time each day makes remote working more than worthwhile for employees who face a long commute.
  • More travel — as remote working means employees can get the job done from anywhere with an Internet connection, phone and suitable equipment, the remote workforce can, within reason, travel whenever it likes.
  • Habit — if top accounting and finance professionals you’re trying to recruit are used to working from home, you may have to offer a telecommuting option to attract their interest.

Knowing how a remote workforce benefits the company

There are some definite benefits to employing remote staff. You can…

  • Employ specialized finance and accounting staff outside your usual region.
  • Stay operational 24 hours a day with remote staff in different time zones.
  • Keep your workforce more productive.
  • Retain more of your team long term.
  • Lower your team’s rate of unscheduled absences.
  • Avoid spreading colds and flu around the office.
  • Establish yourself as a progressive company committed to helping employees achieve work-life balance.

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